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Binaries - Version 0.25

Currently, I only supply pre-compiled binaries for Windows. These should work on all Windows versions from Windows 95 upwards. If you don't have anything installed that can handle zip files, I recommend getting Winzip.


  • There is currently no automatic installer for Groundfire. To install by hand, unzip the file to your hard drive. Ensure that the directory structure is kept intact. Otherwise, Groundfire will not run.
  • Groundfire needs the OpenAL runtime DLL to run. Creative's runtime DLL is included in the binary package.

Source Code - Version 0.25

Here is the source code for the Game. I have provided both a zip file and a gzipped tar file. The zip file is probably more convenient for Windows users. All the data files are included with the source.


  • To actually build Groundfire, you will need to install the GLFW API and the OpenAL API. These can be found on their respective web sites, linked from the menu on the left.
  • Win32 : Currently, the makefile included with the source only works with the Mingw32 Compiler. If you want to build on any other compiler, you will have to either create a new project and import the files, or write your own makefile.

Older Versions

If for any reason you want them, here are the older versions of Groundfire to download
April 2004 - V0.2
March 2004 - V0.1